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Below are some articles that I wrote for The BU COMmunicator, the official student-run website of Boston University’s Department of Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations. Through news pieces, insider stories, personal blogs and more, we bring the COMmunity to you. We also feature faculty news and awards, interviews with alumni, and published work from students both here and studying abroad.

Staying motivated through a semester online: A Q&A with COM Dean DiChristina
13 April 2020- As BU COM students work through their final weeks of a semester upended by the COVID-19 virus, there is a pervasive uncertainty surrounding how to complete this unprecedented semester strong, and what to do when the semester ends and summer begins. BU College of Communication Dean and former Scientific American Editor-in-Chief Mariette DiChristina spoke with the COMmunicator to share her thoughts on how COM students can continue being productive and positive through this turbulent time.
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#COMCOLLOQUIUM: Persuasion Knowledge in an era of Covert Influence
28 February 2020- As news companies continue to evolve and grow their online platforms, sponsored content has become a popular way for news sites to get companies to pay for advertising, while still turning out interesting content for readers. But what happens when the line between advertisement and news content is blurred too much, and readers can no longer distinguish where the ad ends and the news begins?
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Q&A with Prof. Dorothy Clark, master lecturer at COM and web founder of The COMmunicator
11 Nov 2019- Prof. Dorothy Clark is a master lecturer at BU’s College of Communication and the director of the department’s adjunct writing faculty. For over a decade, Clark owned Media Wise, a promotional writing service handling treatments and scripts, multi-image shows, features, press kits, brochures, newsletters and advertisements. The COMmunicator is celebrating 10 years as a digital publication, so I sat down with Prof. Clark, who is also the founder of The COMmunicator website, to hear how the website was started and how it has changed over time.
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