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Below are some articles that I have written for Boston University News Service, a multimedia publication that promotes student-driven journalism, publishing stories pertinent to Boston and the BU community.


Boston Symphony Orchestra keeps making music despite coronavirus cancellations
27 April 2020- Closures caused by COVID-19 and subsequent restrictions on large gatherings have forced the BSO to turn to alternative methods, such as producing educational and performative videos to continue to engage with the community.
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Boston’s Museum of Science keeps the learning going online after coronavirus closure
16 April 2020- Closed to the public on March 12, the museum has been committed to turning out online content on an array of topics including dinosaurs, weather, physics and the COVID-19 virus. While staff worked quickly to get its online suite of content fully operational two weeks after closing, the lack of resources at their disposal in their homes as compared to the museum presented a significant challenge.
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Massachusetts cultural organizations waiting to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” amid closures
7 April 2020- Museum wings deserted, concert halls silenced and dancers stopped in their tracks. These were the circumstances that legislators and members of the state’s cultural sector shared with the Massachusetts Cultural Council in a virtual meeting aimed at addressing the financial strain imposed on the arts community as the COVID-19 pandemic halted all non-essential business.
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Q&A with Mark Volpe: Soon-to-be former Boston Symphony Orchestra CEO
19 March 2020- The Boston Symphony Orchestra’s President and CEO, Mark Volpe, will retire at the end of February 2021. Volpe, who announced his upcoming retirement in late January, will have been the head of the world-renowned music organization for 23 years upon his retirement.
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