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Design Museum logoDesign Museum Everywhere is a nonprofit, online, exhibition-based museum with the mission to bring the transformative power of design everywhere. As an editorial production assistant, I write blog posts and magazine articles for the museum. Below are links to some of my work for the organization.

Annual Meeting Recap
January 2021- On January 26, the Design Museum Everywhere community gathered online for our Annual Meeting. Each year, we open up one of our Board of Directors meetings to the greater DME community, so that we can share details of what we have accomplished in the past year, and plans that we have in the year ahead for programming including exhibitions, publications, education programs, special events, and more. The Design Museum team also awarded this year’s Distinguished Service Medals to two individuals who made a significant impact on the museum’s work in 2020, and we shared numerous ways that others in the DME community can get involved in our upcoming work.

Workplace Innovation Summit 2020 Recap
December 2020- From December 7-11, 2020, the Design Museum Everywhere community gathered virtually for a week full of learning, engagement and fun through the Workplace Innovation Summit. This event focused on disrupting the workplace paradigm, taking advantage of the volatile environment that the ongoing pandemic has created in the workplace as a catalyst for much needed change and improvement with how we work.

Design Night LIVE Recap
September 2020- The Design Museum Everywhere community celebrated our biggest fundraising event of the year, Design Night LIVE, on Saturday. Three hundred people, including Design Museum staff,  board members, colleagues, students, and friends gathered virtually for a night centered around the most important topics in design, how the museum is facilitating development in these areas, and also included some more lighthearted events to all have fun together.

Design Museum LIVE: Visualizing Complex Data: COVID-19 & More Recap
July 2020- In this July Design Museum Live event, we explored the world of data visualization, with a specific focus on how data surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved over this extremely mutable time. Paolo Ciuccarelli, the director and founder of the Center for Design at Northeastern University and Paul Kahn, a lecturer in experience design also at Northeastern, shared their expertise in the data design field and helped explain the trends that we are seeing in how COVID-19 data is being presented in the media and elsewhere.

Sketch Series: Draw Anything with Spencer Nugent Recap
July 2020– In our July Sketch Series, we welcomed Spencer Nugent, founder of and IDSKETCHING.COM. Spencer has been working in design for almost two decades with companies including General Motors and Astro Studios. He is originally from Jamaica, and he currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he uploads regular sketch demonstration videos to his YouTube channel: Sketch A Day, which has 115k subscribers.

The 5 Growing Pains of Global Innovation Recap
June 2020- In June, our Design Museum LIVE event focused on the collaborative challenges that companies can face as they grow and change over time, and some tactics that businesses can employ to ease these “growing pains of global innovation.” The event was facilitated by Patricia Wang, a senior design researcher at Steelcase, a Michigan-based company that offers services including architecture, furniture, and technology products, all designed to help people reach their full potential.

Design Museum LIVE: Sketch Series, Draw Footwear with Michael DiTullo Recap
June 2020- In our June Sketch Series, we welcomed Michael DiTullo, one of the founding board members of Design Museum and a prolific and successful designer in his own right, to take viewers step-by-step through the process of sketching an original, functional shoe design. Michael has worked professionally in design for over 20 years, designing noteworthy products and experiences in almost every industry including footwear, consumer electronics, IOT smart devices, medical instruments, robotics, and toys. Michael has been designing shoes specifically for over eight years, working with such renowned labels as Nike, Converse, and Jordan.

Pride & Design: Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Designers
June 2020- June is Pride Month, a time when the LGBTQIA+ community comes together (whether it’s virtually or in person) to celebrate identity and community. Here at Design Museum, we want to share the work and stories of LGBTQIA+ individuals and organizations who are impacting the world of design. While this list only highlights a few LGBTQIA+ designers, we hope to introduce you to these designers to follow as they continue to change design for the better.

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