Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Below are some articles that I wrote for the Worcester Telegram & Gazette as part of the Boston University Statehouse Program, which allows students to intern for various local publications covering the Massachusetts Statehouse beat. The Telegram & Gazette is a daily publication that serves Worcester, MA and the surrounding areas.

Recalibrating “the talk:” The decade-long debate on sex education in the Massachusetts classroom
8 March 2020- Some Massachusetts legislators have been arguing for nearly a decade that sex education in schools that choose to teach it should follow standards that are research-informed, medically accurate and inclusive of LGBTQ individuals’ experiences. Others argue that “the talk” should remain in the home and out of the classroom.
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Worcester students, superintendent seek state budget boost for early college programs
27 Feb 2020- Worcester Public Schools Superintendent Maureen Binienda, representatives from Worcester State University and Worcester students lobbied for more funding for early college programs across the state at the Statehouse in February. They cited the success of these programs in Worcester as an example for its potential across Massachusetts.
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Transit advocates say MBTA needs to adapt
23 Feb 2020- Improving the function and ecological efficiency of transit to and from Massachusetts’ Gateway Cities was a central topic of a forum hosted at Boston University. Ari Ofsevit, a TransitMatters board member, reassured attendees that “not everything is bad,” but said that Massachusetts needs to think in the long term in making changes to its transit systems, especially when working within the constraints of the two-year legislative session.
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Net-zero emissions measures advance despite cost concerns in Mass. Senate

11 Feb 2020- Republican lawmakers from Worcester County cast the only two no votes when the Massachusetts Senate recently passed a trio of bills aimed at climate change. One of them declared that the state “can’t afford this legislation” aiming to move the state to net-zero emissions by 2050.
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